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Zurück auf der Bühne Sirens Harbor melden sich nach langer Pandemie-Pause wieder zurück. Mit komplett neuem Line-up und der Konzentration auf eine etwas rockigere Gangart wird die Band am 5. Mai 2023 beim zweitägigen Rock Rodaun - Musikfestival ihr Bühnencomeback geben. Geprobt wird seit Wochen im neuen Studio von Wolfgang R. Zissler in Wien Liesing.
Back on stage After a more then two and a half years break due to the pandemic Sirens Harbor are back. With a complete new line-up and new songs waiting to be performed live on stage. On May the 5th Sirens Harbor will be performing at the two days Rock Rodaun - Musicfestival in Vienna. The band is rehearsing in their new studio in Vienna Liesing.
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Due to the Corona-Pandemic in 2020 Sirens Harbor had to cancel all concerts after the release of our second CD „The Art Of Resistance“ on January, 30th, 2020. No tour, no concerts, no money, no promotion! Too bad. But hey: We're musicians. That's why we decided not to sit around and wait but to record some of our favorite tunes - part of them well known chartbreakers, part of them hidden gems. "Covered In Music" was created with the help of fellow musicians from Austria, Poland and the US. We like to thank all our friends to help our brainchild come to life. Watch our new video „Ain‘t No Mountain High Enough““ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7Ez1M4lYYg

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„Covered In Music“